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Posted March 25,2014

Poor journalism. Again, Tymoshenko did not lead or carry the Orange Revolution. The candidate who did was Victor Yuschenko. They agreed to bring her 10% in to insure Yuschenko would win over Yanokovych. Which they did with a second election. Once Yuschenko was president he appointed her as prime minister. A big mistake as all she did was disagree with him. If she was shrewd she would have worked with him and Ukraine would be in NATO now, she would be president and the current mess would not have occurred. This seems like almost a repeat of ten years ago. Splitting the vote and power block. Let's hope the people have finally seen through her and Klitchko is their choice. His party UDAR.

Posted March 10, 2014

Further  confusion and disarray  in Kiev will render  pro Russia east Ukraine more power. Putin will send loyalists into these regions followed shortly by troops and tanks. At the same time he will be make his move along the southern peninsula and secure Odessa. There will be some skirmishes, but the international community will be paralyzed. Once Odessa is secured, Putin will claim the rest of the coast to Romania rendering Ukraine landlocked. By this time he will have claimed a large area of East Ukraine for Russia including the regions of Donestk, Lugansk, Kharkiv, Sumy, Kherson, Zaparohza, and Dnipropetrosvk.