My Resume

Customary to test the mettle of the local bouncer at the Klitchco's Arena City Complex.

Meeting regular people is learning the base of thinking. This is Helena, who won her city's title
Miss Zhytomir, and now works in broadcasting.

One small portion of a beach in Yalta Crimea shows the popularity of this resort area, a mecca mainly for Ukrainians and Russians.

Kyiv is the only capital city in the world that boasts natural islands with beaches on a river that splits the city. Here weekenders make their way to a fun day at Hydropark on the Dnipro river.

As one walks along the  long and wide Yalta promenade, many artists line the sea wall. Here is a young violinist.

My summer room in Yalta, just steps from the beach.

About 20 Km outside of Kharkiv is a beautiful park, and celebration area on the Dnipro river. That day there were about 30 weddings going on, and lots of parties.

Treating some friends to a shopping center go cart track.


The value of spending time and conversation with people of all walks is invaluable in understanding their beliefs, needs and desires.  In three months I interviewed over 400 taxi cab drivers alone, mostly in Kiev. To the average person in the US this would not seem like the logical place to find credible opinions. What westerners may not know, nor did my interpreter, is that many taxi cab drivers are professors, doctors and surgeons off duty, current and former military officers, all with varying opinions. My interpreter hesitated at first and thought it would not be of value. After four days, she was surprised. One, that the drives wanted to talk, often pulling off to the side of the road. Two, the extreme points of views and three, their backgrounds. I believe the second driver we spoke to was a retired admiral.

Crimea boasts a number of wonderful sightseeing and pleasurable experiences. This si the Swallows Nest restaurant, perched some 150 yards above the sea.